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What is a shade sail?

Shade sails are an alternative solution to umbrellas, awnings and gazebos. Shade sails have a great visual effect and reinvent the house and garden while creating shade. They are the ideal solution to create shaded areas on the patio, by the pool, the children’s playground or to protect you from prying eyes. The shade sails provide a comfortable and safe area as they block more than 90% of harmful UV rays.

Are shade sails difficult to install?

In most cases, any competent DIY person can install a shade sail. Shade sails require strong attachment points at each corner by using an existing structure or by the mounting posts. If posts are required, they should be firmly anchored in the concrete and sturdy enough to hold the tension of about 300 to 400 pounds on each corner applied by the shades sails.

Consult «Installation Guide» for more informations.

How to plan the installation of my shade sail?

There are no defined rules, although it is strongly recommended that your shade sail is installed on very solid inking and with good slope to allow water’s drain.

One shade sail or more can be used.

Note: when receiving your shade sail, please note that the label ”ID ZEN” is always placed on the ”A” corner.
What is ”A” corner: refer to your order when you entered your measurements.

Are waterproof shade sails?

Shade sails made with the Monotec 370, Extrablock 330 and Shadetec 320 have been specifically designed to protect from the sun and not rain. The weave of the fabric allows the hot air to circulate thus creating a refreshing effect.

However, they protect very well from a fine passing rain and they are of the type that is called “Showerproof”.

We can also offer 100% waterproof PVC fabrics called FTO series. These require a particular installation and are completely opaque. The choice of colors is limited and the guarantee is shorter than our regular fabrics. They are more difficult to maintain as well.

Can you install your shade sail all year round?

The shade sails can be mounted in spring and dismantled in the fall. Although shade sails are strong, they are not made to hold the snow or frost. When there are winds over 60km / h it is recommended to quickly disassembling your sails.

When should we install and uninstall our shade sail?

It is strongly recommended to set up your sail in the spring, after the freeze period and any risk of snow, which is normally around mid-May.

For unhooking and storage, we recommend around mid-October before the frost period and the first snowfalls.

What is the wind resistance of the shade sail?

This depends on the size, shape and style, but all of our shade sails are designed to handle winds up to 100kph (80mph) provided they are properly installed and tensioned. We recommend to remove your shade sail if winds in your area are going to exceed this rating (i.e., big windy storm, cyclone, hurricane).

Why choose our shade sails over other brands?

One word: quality.

Our shade sails are currently the most efficient on the market. The shade sails are made to last and offer an up to 15 years guarantee against deterioration caused by UV rays.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is 14 days via DHL express. When you place your order you will get a tracking number to find out when your shade sail will be delivered.

How to clean and store your shade sail?

Regular maintenance of your shade sail facilitates cleaning. It is recommended to clean the shade sail with simple clear water jet, use a soft brush, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Never use detergents or chemicals that could damage the processing against UV rays and thus invalidate the warranty. It is not advisable to use a pressure washer to wash your shade sail. Leave it to dry in the open air. To remove grease stains, use soapy water. Before storing your shade sail, make sure it is completely dry to avoid damage with mold. Also make sure that the shade sail is stored away from rodents and other pests, preferably in a protective bag.

Slope and drainage of water?

It is always preferable to have a slope to allow good drainage of water. It is therefore important to consider a slope of up to 30%.

A flat sail will drip harder and be less aesthetically successful.

Why the borders of shade sails are curved?

It is important to understand that the shade sails have a curved shape. Without this curve it would be impossible to get the right tension. The curve is concave and reaches 5 to 6% of the length in the middle of the sail.

Can I get a sail with straight edges?

No it is not possible. The minimum is 3%. You must contact us for this type of request because the standard curve is 5 to 6%.

Where your custom made sail shades are made?

Our custom made sail shades are manufactured in New Zealand accordin to our brand specifications.

Do I have to pay the duty?

No. You do not have to pay duty since we have a free trade treaty with New Zealand.

Where can I get the posts?

Please contact us or one of our companies listed on the site in the contact us section.

What types of posts should be used?

We recommend wooden posts, painted steel or stainless steel posts. The wooden posts should be treated wood and preferably 152mm X 152mm (6 ” x 6 “). For the dimension of round posts, we suggest the following diameters and a thickness of 6.35mm (¼ ”):

Area less than 15 m2: 76.2mm (3 ” to 3 ½ ”)
Area of 15 m2 to 25 m2: 101.6mm (4 ”)
Area of 25 m2 to 35 m2: 101.6mm (4 ”) or 127.0mm (5 ”)
Area of over 35 m2: 127mm (5 ”)

Follow the rule of thumb ⅓ of the height in the ground and ⅔ outside. You can also consider installing your posts at a 10 degrees outward angle for strength and an aesthetics look.

Can I get a 3D drawing of my project?

Yes it is possible, for the sum of $250 + tax you can get a series of 3 3D drawings and a short video (about 1 minute). You only have to provide certain information and photos as well as your project. Contact us for details.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Paypal, Visa and Master Card. Upon your payment you will be directed to the secure Paypal page IDZen. If you have a Paypal account, you continue. If you do not have a Paypal account and you want to pay with Visa or Master Card, go down the page under the tab: you do not have a Paypal account and follow the instructions.

How shade sails create a cooling effect?

As in providing a screen against direct sunlight, shade sails are also creating a cooling effect: warm air rises through the woven fabric thus causing airflow. This effect can reduce the room temperature by several degrees. Consult the information document.

Does the shade sails fade with time?

The shade sails are guaranteed up to 15 years against deterioration caused by UV rays.
Color degradation:Our sail shade are designed to got australian desert sun and maintain color excellently.
Our sail shade have never received complain comment about color degradation.

Do shade sails have seams?

Yes or no: since the rolls of the fabric are 3m wide, there will be a seam where the sail exceeds 3m. This seam is the same color as the fabric. The fabric rolls of the Monotec 370 range are 6.5 meters wide, which greatly reduces the number of seams.

What are the minimum dimensions for the custom manufacturing of a shade sail?

We recommend a minimum perimeter (addition of each side) of 15m (45ft) or 14m2 (150ft2) for custom fabrication. It is also possible to order pre-cut sails. Contact us to know the available dimensions.

What is the minimum budget that must be included for a custom made shade sail?

You have to figure a budget of +-$200/linear meter + tx for a custom made shade sail including any choice of colour, stainless steel tensioners and delivery . Prices vary depending on the total  perimeter (addition of all sides) and number of corners (3 to 10).

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