In summer, when the sun is at its zenith, nothing is better than creating shade for children’s playground. These shade sails distributed by are a good way to transform the children’s playground into a cool and safe environment.

Shade cloths dim the intense sunlight while protecting children against harmful UV rays.  They also help keep the playing equipment and other items fresh to the touch.

Children’s daycare Zen Zone shade structures

The shade sails distributed by are the ideal solution for creating spaces near the pool, water games and children’s playground.

Shade sails for city playground

Fabrics companies are most of the time from Australia or New Zealand. These fabrics used in the manufacturing of  our shade sails are currently the most efficient on the market. They are made from HDPE polymer fabric. These sails provide a comfortable and safe shade area since they block more than 90% of harmful UV (A&B)  sun rays.

Children’s playground UV protection

These shade sails are custom made for residential and commercial use  and are guaranteed for up to 15 years against deterioration caused by UV rays. Easy to install and uninstall, they are equipped with stainless steel rings and tensioners at each corner. They are available in several formats: triangular, rectangular, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten sided. These shade sails are available in different colors (more 50 in total) and they adapt to all types of solid supports. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

Example : our Monotec 370 is a high quality high density (370 gr/sm) polyethylene (HDPE) fabric specially designed for large shade sails. It is the perfect combination that provides maximum sun protection against UV ( from 84% to 88%) while being robust thus ensuring optimum durability.

This Monotec 370 is available in 16 colors. It is produced in rolls of 6.5 meters, which reduces the number of seams. The sails are sewn with PTFE Teflon thread of great resistance. Lifetime warranty on workmanship.

Other high quality premium fabrics are also available at