In recent years, shade sails have become a very popular and practical solution due to their versatility, style, efficiency and low level of maintenance when installed correctly so read this before buying your future premium shade sail.

Shade sails are used in residential, commercial, institutional or industrial applications. The installation of shade sails around your pool, terrace, entertainment areas is now very popular in an aesthetic and trendy setting. Commercial uses for sails and shading structures include applications such as daycare centers, restaurant terraces, rest areas in senior residences or for employees, public parks, playgrounds and a multitude of other applications.

If you are considering installing a shade sail for your home or business, there are a few factors to consider. It’s important to think carefully about these factors to make sure you’re getting the best product possible. Homeowners or business owners who buy a shade sail should be aware that there are not only varying levels of quality, but also variations in the quality of installation methods.

Some tips to consider when buying your future premium shade sail:

UV protection of fabrics: not all materials have the same level of UV protection. In other words, some fabrics will allow more UV rays to penetrate the fabric to reach you than others. One might think that the more expensive the material, the better the UV blocking, this is not always the case. Be sure to check the fabric physically, not just from the documentation provided by the company.

Manufacturing and seams: make sure you use quality fabrics and seams or you will pay the price a few years later. Teflon wire (PTFE) is the yarn of choice for many shade cloth manufacturers, as it does not rot, stretch or deteriorate over time, unlike other cheaper wires. Fittings must be made of marine grade 316 stainless steel to prevent rust and seizure over time, which could lead to fitting failure. You don’t want your shade sail to collapse on your guests or family or take off when the wind picks up, do you? Note that a quality shade sail is determined by the quality of the construction of the corners.

Installation quality: The depth and diameter of the soles of the posts, the strength of the anchors, the way these anchors are fixed to the walls are essential elements when choosing a company to install your shade sail. The installation quality of your shade sail is not an area to try to save money as it will result in poor quality installation and your shade sail could come off or tear. It’s worth spending a little more time and money to make sure your sail is installed correctly the first time so you can sleep soundly knowing there won’t be any problems. A company like can make you a turnkey installation of high quality.

Fabric quality: It is a sad fact that some fabrics are simply not as quality as others even if they look great. Poor quality fabric shrinks or stretches quickly, colors fade, and cheap materials used during weaving can deteriorate, leaving your veil vulnerable to tears. Look at the warranties on the fabric and compare to see who will give you the best coverage. Remember that although quality fabric is not cheap, the additional cost of using it is nothing compared to the cost of replacing a poor-quality shade sail or paying for repairs to goods (or people) damaged by a failed shade sail.

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